What do you do when childhood trauma makes you close off from the care you need to heal it?

Editor’s Note: June is LGBTQ Pride Month. At BYP, we will be exploring gender, sexuality, transgender... more


The silent pain of transwomen—or, why I don’t have male privilege

Transgender people learn early how to lie and suffer in silence. Cases of hate crimes against us are vastly underreported, because we’re used to the silent struggle.


Resisting constant surveillance in my predominantly white neighborhood

By Gloria Oladipo I am tired of my white neighbors watching me, my family, and other residents of color.... more


Dear Inbetweener: Finding my place as a bisexual biracial man

It took me years to find my people. I spent many lonely nights begging the stars and planets for some kind of peace and understanding without hearing anything back. But gradually, my people found me.


BYP x AirGo

  • Black Youth Project joins forces with Chicago podcast, AIRGO, for a year-long series featuring our favorite Black academics and activists. Stay tuned for a new episode... more

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