The trans child in me still needs to feel wanted

Since I was a kid, I have subconsciously believed that I am not worthy of love, belonging, or all the things I need and want, and it began when I had only just learned to walk.


Poverty appropriation & the moral depravity of a society where elite education has the highest stakes

Editor’s Note: This month at BYP, we will be exploring Education & Schooling, and we are... more


How theology based on a “one true god” cuts Black people off from necessary indigenous practices

By DJ Ferguson My mother, no stranger to emotional blackmail, had no hesitation in using it on behalf of... more


We can’t ignore Marrianne Williamson’s fatphobia and ableism just because she supports reparations for slavery

It's important to hold someone with as much public attention as her accountable for her dangerous ideologies that can cause tangible harms and further stigmatize already marginalized people.


BYP x AirGo

  • AirGo is back for our second episode in front of a live audience! This time, we’re excited to launch our #BYPSpotlight, a collaboration with Black Youth Project, a... more

  • Black Youth Project joins forces with Chicago podcast, AIRGO, for a year-long series featuring our favorite Black academics and activists. Stay tuned for a new episode... more

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