The mother of an 11-year-old boy is outraged after finding out her child was forced to clean toilets during detention.

Henry Hawkins, a fifth grader at Longfields Elementary School in Forestville, MD, says an argument with a classmate led to the punishment. 

From FOX 25:

“He asked, mommy, do you like to clean toilets?,” Neshanna Turner said.

Turner says a photo taken shows the boy scrubbing a desk during the detention. The boy says he also had to clean toilets, push a cart around and put chairs on desks in classrooms.

Turner says she is enraged by the whole situation.

Even worse, Turner says that the boy suffers from asthma. The 5th grader even had to stay home from school on Thursday because he was not feeling well.

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In response to the situation, the school released the following statement:

“Although “In-School Work Detail” is an appropriate disciplinary response, the response must match a student’s infraction. In addition, the appropriateness of any disciplinary action taken is always subject to internal review and/or may be appealed.”

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