When 14-year-old Ajayi Jackson couldn’t find a summer job, he created one.

Jackson is the proud owner of Pop’s Pizza, a homemade pizza palace in Pittsfield, MA. He hand-makes the pizza himself and then delivers it right to customer’s doorstep. 

From Financial Juneteenth:

It all started when he tried looking for summer work in his neighborhood.  He told Financial Juneteenth, “All of the summer jobs were already taken by college kids.  And besides, places hardly ever hire 14 year olds.”

So he volunteered for a while waiting for his phone to ring to the few jobs he had applied to but no one called him back.

Ajayi told Financial Juneteenth, “One night, I was supposed to make dinner and wanted pizza.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money ordering pizza so I made it from scratch.  And it came out really good.”

That idea led the young man to having his first business meeting with his parents about starting his very own homemade pizza business.

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His father, Ty Allan Jackson, provided the initial start up cost which was just $100. His dad then took to his Facebook page, advertising the business and people have been ordering ever since.

Ajayi’s pizza is REALLY homemade. He makes the sauce himself from scratch, and he’s working to perfect his own homemade crust. He credits his mother for teaching him how to cook.

For now, the teen is just focusing on growing his business, like any successful businessperson.

“Business is doing very well.  So far I’ve turned a profit.  My older sister is upset with me because I work less hours than she does, but make more money working for myself,” he told Financial Juneteenth.


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