By Jayy Dodd

But it’s really none of our business…


1. Raven-Symoné and the Case of the Translucent American.


2. Where were you when Cash Money took over the 99 & the 2000

barack obama

3. How to know if you are “fahn”?

4. Did Rachel Dolezal try to ‘Single Lightskin Female’ Melissa Harris Perry? 


5. How did talking loud run up the light bill?

6. Is Tidal a product of the Illuminati?


7. How did Don Lemon become America’s Black Friend?

8. Was Talenti created by the CIA to take Black dollars?

9. If real men give birth to themselves, is Dame Dash an amoeba?

dame dash

 10. Is Shea Butter the new Black card?

 11. Which ancestor has kept Pharrell looking the same for 17 years?


 12. Why isn’t everyday Black Out Day?

 13. How does one “fetty wap”? 

Fetty Wap

 14. Dance…soiree? 

giphy (34)

15. Who imports all this tea we are sipping?

nicki minaj

Photos: Giphy

Jay Dodd is a writer and performance artist based in Boston, originally from Los Angeles. After recently graduating Tufts University, Jay has organized vigils and protests locally for Black Lives Matter: Boston. When not in the streets, Jay has contributed to Huffington Post and is currently a contributing writer for, based in London. Jay Dodd is active on social media celebrating Blackness, interrogating masculinity, and complicating queerness. His poetic and performance work speaks to queer Black masculinity and afrofuturism.