A 15-year-old Detroit teenager is back home after a stranger took action to prevent the girl from being kidnapped.

On Tuesday around 8 p.m. the teen was walking along Philip Street on Detroit’s east side when she was approached by a man. 


“We are seeing more and more of our citizens, not just in Detroit but in the Detroit metropolitan area, step up and actually take some action and protect the people around them,” says Sgt. Michael Woody from the Detroit Police Department.

“During the conversation, at some point, he strikes her in the head, puts her in the vehicle, begins driving with her. During the drive he’s making some sexually explicit comments to her, grabbing himself,” says Woody.

The girl was able to jump out of the vehicle near Commor and Dyar streets in Hamtramck and started screaming for help. Someone who lived nearby called 911.

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Hamtramck police responded and based on information obtained from the teen, the suspect was captured. Sources identify the suspect as 45-year-old Anthony William Fortson, who is currently out on parole.

Police say Fortson was arrested at his home and that he did not chase the 15-year-old when she escaped. The victims legs and hands weren’t tied, and that allowed her to escape Fortson’s vehicle. Aside from getting struck in the head she experienced no other assault.

Fortson will most likely face charges of kidnapping and attempted sexual assault.

Is Sgt. Michael Woody from the Detroit Police Department correct in his assertion that more citizens are stepping up to protect the community?

What else can we prevent if we band together?

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