Mo’s Bows is a success story that only gets more inspiring as time goes on. At only the age of 11, Moziah “Mo” Bridges and his mother appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank looking for an investor for their company that sold neck and bowties. They didn’t walk away with an investor, but they did leave with a new mentor from Daymond John.

Mo’s Bows had quadrupled in sales and established relationships with many manufacturers. Nieman Marcus became a partner not long after their appearance on the show. Somehow finding a way to outdo himself even more, Bridges has finalized a partnership with the NBA, according to Forbes.

“Moziah’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are an inspiration, and we are thrilled about the launch of the Mo’s Bows NBA Collection,” said Lisa Piken Koper, NBA Vice President, Global Partnerships. “We are always looking for ways to diversify our merchandise offerings and cater to our fashionable fan base, and couldn’t be more excited that fans will have a fun and unique way to show support for their favorite NBA teams.”

At the age of 15, Bridges has inked a deal that could be worth millions of dollars as he now has the right to use NBA logos on his merchandise and give fans a new way to show support. Gaining the rights to NBA logos is no small feat as the organization is highly selective in the brands it works with. Reaching out to a still small company like Mo’s Bows is a glowing endorsement.

“My goal has always been to make Mo’s Bows a household name for kid entrepreneurship and men’s accessories,” says Bridges. “Partnerships like this one will help me reach my goals of having a full clothing line by the time I graduate from college. It feels really good to know a major company like the NBA believes in me and my vision to shake up the world through fashion.”

John’s had the opportunity to see Bridges and Mo’s Bows both grow over the past few years and is still impressed by both.

“This is the sort of partnership that is an absolute game changer,” proclaims Johns. “Mo is someone that continues to inspire me, because I remember I had to wait a number of years to get an NBA license for FUBU. Meanwhile, Mo is still a teen and has the opportunity to align with an international brand like the NBA. This sort of deal will allow Mo to reach a whole new demographic and continue pushing his brand in an amazing direction.”