Pierre Loury, 16, reportedly took off on foot after police tried to stop his vehicle around 7:40 p.m. Monday in Chicago’s Homan Square neighborhood. The vehicle apparently matched the description of one that was in a shooting earlier that night.

An officer pursued the teenager until they met up in what’s being reported as an “armed confrontation.” Loury was shot and later pronounced dead at Mount Sinai hospital less than an hour later, according to CBS Chicago

“A foot pursuit ensued, and during the course of that pursuit led to an armed confrontation between the offender and the officer, resulting in the officer firing shots with his service weapon,” Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy said.

“No, he didn’t have a gun, but they saying he did after the fact,” Loury’s mother, Tambrasha Hudson, said.

Witnesses say that Loury was shot while hopping a fence. Deputy Police Superintendent John Escalante claimed Loury has prior history with local police and was a documented gang member.

“It’s just wrong. I don’t care how y’all try to dice up whatever, or y’all try to come with this story that the officer did this, if he was in a car that was just in whatever. I don’t care. He did not deserve to lose his life over this,” said Pierre’s cousin, Tameka Wilson.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter