If you’ve been confused after seeing pictures of your friends standing in front of a hot pink house things are about to make a lot more sense. The Pink Trap House Installation was actually used to promote the latest album from 2 Chainz, entitled Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.Β 

The house has been a huge success with fans – although local businesses have made some valid complaints – and may even be open past it’s original closing date of July 6. Part of that is because a house that’s entirely pink is a sight worth seeing but it was recently used to provide a great service to the community.

Chainz collaborated with Β the Fulton County Board of Health, Test Atlanta, and Atlanta Aids partnered for the Trap Clinic to provide free HIV testing on Independence Day, according to Complex.

“I appreciate 2 Chainz and the whole team for putting this house up because in a lot of respects it’s reminding people that this is a real thing in our city,” Pastor Michael Wortham told Fox 5 Atlanta Sunday. “So people come and take pictures, put it up on Instagram and walk away, but there are a lot of people who aren’t able to walk away from this daily reality.”


Photo via YouTube