Community members in Port Bolivar, Texas are pleading for the killer(s) of a lesbian couple to come forward.

24-year-old Crystal Jackson and her girlfriend Britney Cosby, 24, were murdered. Their bodies were found left next to a dumpster last week. 

From ABC:

[Community members] canvassed the area, passing out fliers with a composite sketch of a person of interest and the couple’s silver 2006 Kia Sorrento, which is still missing.

Volunteers say they’re hoping their presence can help generate leads into whoever killed and left the victim’s bodies near a dumpster behind a grocery store on Texas 87 last week.

“When I heard the story about how a family woke up and got that phone call all parents, their worst nightmare to get that kind of phone call, it just touched my heart and felt like I could come and give them some support and let them know that there are people in this world that still care and still find the need to reach out to a fellow man and give them the support they need in this time of terrible tragedy,” community member Yvonne Shuman said.

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After the group finished its search, they held a prayer vigil for the victims. “This could be your family member,” community activist Quanell X told ABC. “The no-snitch policy has no place in our community or among our people.”

Investigators in Galveston County say they are looking at all avenues that may point to a motive, including checking video from the ferry and other parts of this island.

They are urging anyone with information to contact authorities.

It’s rare that the deaths of persons of color get this much media coverage. Why do you believe this story is garnering a lot of attention?

How can we urge the media to place more emphasis on the lives of black youth as much as they do whites?

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