Last month, we told you about the controversial death of Bo Morrison, a 20 year-old unarmed African American young man who was shot in the chest after being mistaken for an intruder.

Morrison was attending an underage drinking party in a garage at the home of Tim Hess (his daughters threw the party). The party got too loud, and the police were called by a 35 year-old neighbor named Adam Kind. Police later called Kind to inform him that they were unable to gain access to the garage and would wait to cite his loud neighbor in the morning.

Soon afterwards, Tim Hess kicked in the garage door and the party goers fled, with Morrison hiding on the back porch of Adam Kind’s home. Kind heard noises, grabbed his shotgun, and approached the porch. Mistaking Morrison for a dangerous intruder, Kind shot him once in the chest, killing him.

Adam Kind has not been charged with a crime in relation to the shooting. Community members are outraged, but Kind is protected under the “Castle Doctrine,” which protects homeowners from prosecution under such circumstances.

Like Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, many are demanding justice for Bo Morrison, and a repeal of the Castle Doctrine.


“Morrison’s mother, Lauri Morrison, said he was trying to hide because he had previous tickets for underage drinking:

‘He executed my son. This cannot happen to another kid.’

Morrison’s sister, Kayla Morrison, said the former high school athlete had gotten in with the wrong crowd for a while, ‘But he was not a criminal. He was not a violent person.'”


Did Adam Kind have the right to shoot and kill Bo Morrison?

How similar is this case to the Trayvon Martin case?

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