The expectations of what one can do before the age of 30 just reached new heights thanks to one young man with high ambitions. Following the recent election, Michael Tubbs, 26, is officially the youngest and first black mayor of Stockton, California, reports the RecordNet.

“We have a great opportunity to show the nation, ‘How do you reinvent yourself?’ ” Tubbs told the audience during his acceptance speech.

“I’m tired of talking about where we’ve been. I’m more interested in talking about where we’re going. We have to mature as a community and start demanding solutions.”

Tubbs, who received both a bachelors’ and masters’ degree from Stanford University, was raised in south Stockton and elected to the city council in 2012. His opponent, incumbent Anthony Silva, made sure to point out his youth during his campaign, but that didn’t keep the young man from gathering a 40-point margin in the polls. He defeated Silva by claiming 70.4 percent of the votes.

“You don’t get 70 percent of the vote out of nowhere,” Tubbs told the audience. “This victory is yours and ours. This room is what Stockton looks like. It’s people from gated communities and Conway Homes, black people, Asians, white people. Each of us is what it will take to move Stockton forward.”

Tubbs serves an example of the excellence that can be achieved with the right resources and support system.

Photo Credit: Michael Tubsbs’ Twitter