It was only a few days ago that we reported Chris Brown’s support of gay rights. Now, 50 Cent is the latest rapper with a history of making anti-gay statements to “come out” in support of the LGBT community.

His new series “Dream School” connects troubled teems with a dream team of celebrity instructors.

The focus of the show is the encourage and support teens dealing with violence, poverty and pregnancy. “Dream School” also features Alan, a transgender boy who was born a girl.

From The Wrap: 

“I want to graduate and get away from the people at my school,” Alan says on the show… “I got bullied. I went to the hospital. My mom just didn’t even visit me. I wish I was the person my parents wanted me to be. I wish I was born the person I am now because… I was born a girl.” He now has an advocate in a rapper who’s first big hit, “In Da Club,” includes the line, “You that f—-t ass n—a trying to pull me back, right.”The 50 Cent of today — an actor, philanthropist, and the executive producer of “Dream School” — isn’t the same person who delivered that line a decade ago.

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The rapper has long been accused of anti-gay comments outside the reigns of his music, despite being openly supportive his mother’s same-sex relationship.

Despite his very homophobic lines, 50 Cent insists that he was never homophobic. “I don’t have homophobia. I never did,” Jackson told The Wrap.

David Arquette, Swizz Beatz and Rev. Jesse Jackson will also be featured on the show. “Dream School” premieres on the Sundance Channel this week.

Is hip hop turning over a new leaf when it come to views on homosexuality?

If so, what’s responsible for rappers becoming more accepting of same-sex lifestyles?

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“When new artists or new approaches come to the culture, it grows,” he said.