When creators of popular art care enough to help people in the communities from which they come, rooting for them remains pretty easy. Longtime reggae artist Orville “Shaggy” Burrell recently raised 100 million Jamaican dollars, which equals about $800,000 in American currency, on behalf of children who need care in his native Jamaica. The “Boombastic” star presented the Bustamante Hospital for Children with the funds a few days ago.

“What we are doing is helping a government-operated hospital, that’s all me a say. We are trying to make it easier for the government and to ease a burden,” Shaggy said.

The ICU is very small and cannot even hold an extra bed so we have to find a way to move forward. We are still going to need partners, which includes a good and affordable construction company. We also have 150 pieces of medical equipment to turn in but we need to have the building ready first.

As a respected artist and philanthropist, Shaggy has used his industry know-how and peer influence to collaborate with other stars who perform in charity concerts in Jamaica. Last month’s performances included Sting, Wyclef Jean, Dexta Daps and more.

The Jamaica Gleaner reported that proceeds raised from Shaggy’s charitable concerts were used to buy “hundreds of pieces of vital equipment” for the hospital. The publication noted that in 2016, upwards of 450 pieces of equipment were bought and delivered to the hospital from funds raised at that year’s event.