Alarming figures about the state of our economy in regards to teenagers have been released. In Chicago, ninety-two percent of African American male teenagers are unemployed. Overall, eighty-three percent of black male teens in the country are without a job. 

From WFLD-TV: 

 These shocking numbers released by the Chicago Urban League are one more grim result of Illinois having 600,000 fewer jobs today than we did in the year 2000.

High school senior Dvante King is one of the lucky ones. He actually found two on-and-off part-time jobs last year. Combined, he earned less than a thousand dollars. However, he was part of the eight percent of African-American male teens in Chicago who did find legitimate work; 92 percent of those age 16-19 were unemployed.


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Nationwide, 17 percent of black male teens between the ages of 16 and 19 had some type of employment; 12 percent in Illinois, 8 percent in Chicago.

An earlier study found that overall, employment throughout the world is on the rise. 

What actions/policies/programs should be implemented to address this issue?

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