The Atlanta Black Star has compiled a list of 5 nations that imported Europeans to “whiten” the population. 

From Atlanta Black Star:

After the trans-Atlantic slave trade was officially abolished toward the end of the 19th century, many whites felt threatened and feared free Blacks would become a menacing element in society. The elites spent a great dealing of time mulling over how best to solve the so-called Negro problem. A popular solution that emerged during this period was the ideology of racial whitening or “whitening.”

Supporters of the “whitening” ideology believed that if a “superior” white population was encouraged to mix with an “inferior” Black population, Blacks would advance culturally, genetically or even disappear totally, within several generations. Some also believed that an influx of immigrants from Europe would be necessary to successfully carry out the process.

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While both ideologies were driven by racism and White supremacy, some countries opted for segregation instead of micegenation, outlawing the mixing of the races.

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