[Like] posts have taken over facebook. You see them religiously on young Black teens’ walls, and (less acceptable) they appear on 18 and 19 year-old pages. I see no other reason for such creations except various situations of low self-esteem. No one can blame young folks; as teenage years mark the beginning of partner relationships, meaning the desires to be with others raises our consciousness of ourselves on the outside. Innocent beginnings like these deserve caution though.

[Like]For A Drink (:
[xx] Vodka: Badd a/f
[xx] Coke : Your Cute
[xx] Sprite : I Would Date You
[] 7-Up: I Dated You
…[] Rootbeer: We Dont Tlk No More
[] Dr. Pepper : I Miss You
[xx] Kool-aid : You Should Text Me
[]xx Redbull : We Should Talk More
[] Fanta : Needa Chill
[] Gatorade : I DISLIKE You, So Why You Liked This ?
[xx] Diet Coke : You Cool Ppl
[] Iced Tea : Your Pretty
[] Tapp Water: Ugly a/f

Both genders make their insecurities naked: a boy makes such a post a status waiting for girls to “like” it and the girls eagerly wait for the boy’s opinion of them. Could this be an analogy? Well let’s revisit the color line; the Black experience is one that confronts the White racist fabrication of Black identity. Born into the necessity to not act “Black,” to be taken seriously, Black youth can get too used to dependency. Here is where the low self-esteem comes in. Suppose a girl gets “Tapp Water” chance is that she will attempt to become “Vodka”. That poor girl will never develop her Self, instead a person she did not imagine for herself will mature. They become something like…


RIP Amy Winehouse

We have to start valuing ourselves at an early age. A weak ego always ends up being a fool. “[Like]” statuses are really dorky.