Activists in Ferguson are calling out Black celebrities who have opted not to comment on the recent incidents of police brutality throughout to country.

From Rolling Stone:

 [During an interview with Rolling Stone, activist] T-Dubb-O launches into an impassioned rant on the subject of black celebrities who, he believes, are standing by silent. “We got all these black athletes, black rappers, all these one-percents, record label owners, CEOs that’s not saying nothing, that’s not bringing nothing to the community. You’re bleeding the community dry,” he says. “The shoes we buy, the clothes we buy, the music we play, the videos we watch. You glorify being from the hood but do nothing for it. You glorify being from the trenches but do nothing for it. When they killing us, you stand by silent. When you have this platform…we don’t have a Rolling Stone in St. Louis we can go to. You get invited to these interviews daily, and you quiet. You quiet. You still on your tours, you still dropping your bullshit records that nobody believe. The streets don’t believe you.”

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“Yeah, we’re calling America to the table,” [Millennial Activist United co-founder Ashley] Yates adds. “We’re calling America to stand up and be the country that it says it is.”

Kudos to these brave young activists for standing up for change.

Do you believe that Black celebrities are obligated to speak out against racism and police brutality?

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