A black Florida math teacher who was fired after referring to students as “lazy n*gg*rs” may soon get her job back.

Joyce Quiller, 51, received a termination letter from the school district in February after allegations that she led a profanity-filled classroom surfaced.

From New 4 JAX:

But a judge’s ruling last month said the Duval County School District violated the progressive discipline provision of Quiller’s contract with the teachers’ union that establishes a three-step system of punishment.

The 21-page ruling said Quiller should have been suspended without pay according to her contract.

Quiller’s attorney said she’s eager to get back into the classroom, but the big question now is whether the School Board will approve the recommendation by the judge and allow her back.

According to a January complaint, Quiller is a foul-mouthed math teacher who told students they were “stupid,” “ignorant,” and used other derogatory language.

After a series of student and parent complaints about her behavior, Quiller was fired in February.

One student claimed Quiller said, “You are all some lazy n—- for coming to class late.”

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Quiller’s legal consultant denies her use of the n-word in the classroom. Another student accused her of berating him after he forgot to bring a pencil to class and accused Quiller of saying, “What is the point in coming to the mother f—- class if you do not bring materials?”

Since 2001, there have been three incidents where Quiller was reprimanded for inappropriate language with students.

If the school board approves the recommendation, it will have to determine when the 21-year educator would be reinstated. The School Board is expected to set a hearing date to vote on Quiller’s reinstatement within the next week.

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