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A St. Louis police officer who was seen on CNN earlier this week pushing Don Lemon back during a live broadcast from Ferguson, Missouri has been dismissed of his duty.

The decision came after officials saw a video of an hour-long speech he delivered that included hate speech against African-Americans, the LGBT community and President Obama. 

From Mediate:

CNN reported the news about Officer Dan Page, who made the controversial remarks at an Oath Keepers meeting just months ago.

“It’s wide-ranging inflammatory remarks about a lot of people, about women, about gay people,” Lemon reported. “He talks about the president of the United States. He speaks out against affirmative action, women in the military and on and on.”

In the video, Page discusses the “four sodomites on the Supreme Court,” talks about our “undocumented president” from Kenya, and much more.

“What do you say after that?” Lemon said after CNN aired clips of Page’s speech. “There’s much more of that. at least an hour’s worth of him ranting about different people, different situations.”

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During his live report from Ferguson, Lemon was confronted by Page who physically pushed him away from CNN’s camera.

“Now you see why people are so upset here,” Lemon said at the time.

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