There are not many details known about Lamia Beard’s death. What is known, is that Beard is the latest transgender woman of color to fall victim to violence.

Lamia Beard, 30, was found dead of a gunshot wound the morning of January 17th in Norfolk, Va. Since her death, she has been misgendered in reports of the incident. A man, 24, was found injured from a gunshot wound just blocks away. The police are still investigating and have yet to determine if the two deaths are related.

There were twelve known deaths of trans women of color in 2014. It is known that trans women make up the brunt of anti-LGTBQ murders. Transgender women made up 67 percent of anti-LGBTQ homicides in 2013, according to the Anti-Violence Project.

On Tuesday, President Obama became the first to acknowledge transgender citizens in the State of the Union. But while acknowledgement is good, it will take drastic policy changes to curb the violence that the transgender community face everyday. President Obama’s statements weren’t seen as a panacea by trans activists.

“What actions will be taken to end the physical violence we face everyday,” Lourdes Ashley Hunter, Black Lives Matter Leadership Team and National Director, Trans Women of Color Collective told the Black Youth Project.

Yes, what actions will be taken to end this violence?

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Photo: Lamia Beard/Facebook