Rookie Magazine hosted a Q&A video for Amandla Stenberg about a week ago for their “How We Live” series. We already love Amandla for so many reasons, but this video is awesome, even with the opener, where Stenberg says, “I’m actually getting ready for my senior prom.”

During the video, they talked about topics like natural hair, appreciation of Black skin, and activism, confidence, gender and sexuality, school, racism, art making and more.

They offered excellent words of wisdom, like “People laugh at things that they don’t understand. I think it’s a very natural human thing to do because I know when I’m uncomfortable I start nervous laughing. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people don’t seem to understand natural black hair which is mind-blowing to me.”

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Here, we see Amandla getting personal with fans and breaking down the rules of society, yet again and showing us comfortable Stenberg is in their skin.

Probably one of the best quotes came from their unapologetic voice, which we have all come to adore, where Stenberg says, “You are real. Your identity is real. What you’re fighting for—your words, your power—that’s all real.”

It could be that she has been outspoken on even more topics ever since they talked about their gender identity, just after Stenberg appeared in the Beyonce’s film Lemonade, where they did a Q&A and  expressed their non-binary gender identity stating that “they/them makes me feel more comfortable.”

Make sure you watch the video below, and let us know what you think about it.

(Photo Credit: Jared Siskin/Getty Images)