Amazon’s world takeover continues to move forward as the company recently bid to acquire Whole Foods and continues its plans to use drones for deliveries. With this kind of advancement, it’s not surprising to learn the corporation is looking to get more property. However, complaints have arisen about where it’s chosen to develop one of them.

Rolling Out reports that residents of an historic Black neighborhood in Virginia are being forced off of their land so Amazon can build 100-foot high power lines to support a data center.

The Alliance to Save Carver Road held a press conference on Tuesday to encourage the Prince William County Board of Supervisors to look into saving the neighborhood.

“Our community is just as important as any interest this board may have in Amazon and the monopoly giant named Dominion Energy,” said Joyce Hudson, a spokesperson for the Alliance to Save Carver Road. “No community should be made to sacrifice so much for one multibillion-dollar corporation.”

Carver Road has a long history of supporting the black community, going back as far as 1866 when some of its properties were owned by the first freed slaves in the area. Today, it’s home to the elderly.

Fortunately, the group’s pleas were heard and state regulators are reviewing the proposed plan, according to Inside Nova.