A conversation held between Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer was recently published and got them both in some pretty hot water and called out to take several seats. Initially, Dunham was criticized for projecting her own insecurities on the NFL’s Odell Beckham, Jr. when he didn’t fall out of his chair to talk to her at the MET Gala.

While Dunham later apologized – after some prodding from the public – Schumer chose to defend her by throwing out a false, racist comment about the very real problem that is catcalling. 


When a Twitter used tried to explain to Schumer that white men catcall just as much as men of color, she responded by saying, “How would you know? Statistically who is hollerin’ at you in the street more, pa?”

Implying that men of color catcall more than their white counterparts supports an age-old notion that they’re more intimidating and threatening. While no one is trying to imply that some men of color don’t rudely try and get women’s attention for the mere satisfaction of their own egos, it’s harmful to presume they do it more often than other groups of men.

The tweet was quickly deleted after Schumer realized her mistake. Well, she actually tried to backtrack and claimed that members of a band that was opening for her in Denmark tweeted out the joke and didn’t see how grave the situation was. Figures.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons