Florida State Attorney Angela Corey says that she intends to retry Michael Dunn on the outstanding first-degree murder charge.

A jury found Dunn guilty of three charges of attempted murder and one count of firing a missile, but could not reach a decision on whether or not he should be charged with the murder of Jordan Davis. 

From First Coast News:

“We don’t back off trying to retry,” Corey said. […] Corey said she relied on eyewitness testimony and physical evidence in an attempt to prove that Davis never got out of the car.

Corey said the State did not “over charge” when it charged Dunn with first-degree murder.  “I’m not really sure why any criminal defense attorney would ever complain, and chronically complain, about an overcharge when they have that tool available,” Corey said. “If any criminal defense attorney thinks a criminal has been overcharged, they can file a motion to dismiss.”

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Dunn faces 30 years for each count and within those counts a minimum 20-year mandatory sentence exists. Corey plans to speak with Davis’ family before pursuing a retrial.

Dunn’s sentencing is set for March 24.

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