We’re at the point where a monthly game of “Racism Bingo” is almost a legitimate option. If we were to play, one of the spaces that’s sure to be filled almost every month is “white students host a racist party and get caught.” The “getting caught” part is key.

The latest example of this happening involved high school students in San Francisco. 100 students from up to five local high schools got together for what was being coined as a “wigger” party. For those unaware, a “wigger” is a phrase used to describe a white person that appropriates black culture and it’s most blatant stereotypes.

According to New York Daily News, 14 students from the prestigious St. Ignatius College Preparatory were suspended after word of the party got back to school officials. Pictures of students wearing shirts that read “Thug Life” as they held beers in hands that were being formed into makeshift gang signs started to circulate on social media.

“Over the years, we have done much work in the area of diversity through the school’s Office of Equity and Inclusion, which is an integral part of our school community,” said a statement on the school’s website. “Clearly, however, we have more work ahead of us in forming adolescents to be their best selves.”

“Regardless of the intent of those who participated, their actions had an adverse effect on the community and on them,” it continued. “We categorically condemn this gathering as it does not represent the Ignatian values or ideals that our school stands for, and thus we are called to respond.”

The school principal has already come out to condemn the acts and other principals in the area are reportedly investigating their own student body to see if any were in attendance.

Photo Credit: Yelp