You should be voting for Ron Paul. Yes, that Ron Paul.

At least that’s what this article would have you believe. According to the author, Ron Paul has it right. He is a threat to the establishment with his revolutionary ideas about the war on drugs, so we’d do well not to be distracted by newsletters that were not authored by the man. Instead focus on his opinions on FEMA and the federal government extending aid to American citizens.

The author points to the comments that Ron Paul has made concerning the war on drugs. Paul has correctly pointed out the ineffectiveness of America’s war on drugs, pointing to the fact that inner city minorities are punished disproportionately for drug related offenses. He has accurately called the “war” a failure but he has also spoken out against the Civil Rights Act.

I will say that I am a supporter of picking an issue that is relevant to you and building your politics on that foundation. But do not take a candidates view on a singular issue out of context.

More than proving that he’s the “right candidate” for Black people, or a threat to the establishment, I believe Paul’s comments prove that even a stopped clock is right twice a day…