Perhaps a new security policy is to blame for Barney’s latest issues? The department store claims that a new strategy to curb theft resulted in security being more aggressive.

The department store, along with Macy’s has been combating a brewing controversy about its racial profiling practices. 

Seven months ago, heads of the department met to discuss the growing issue of lost inventory in the store. It was concluded that the store would vamp up their security practices.

From The New York Times:

A new security management team instituted a more aggressive loss prevention strategy. Security personnel said they were encouraged to “take chances” in stopping suspicious customers, even if it meant intercepting innocent people. Bad grabs, they said they were told, were part of the business. The number of contacts with the Police Department, made when security workers suspected a person had been shoplifting or engaging in credit card fraud, soon jumped drastically.

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Not only have black customers been harassed, but black employees have been followed by Barney’s security officers, too.

Why does a more aggressive security policy mean that more black people are harassed?

How can security teams do their jobs and not profile people of color? 

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