It seems we’ve reached a new type of nadir in American race relations. The status quo has been threatened. All of this talk about a new majority has roused some sort of fear down in Arizona and it doesn’t seem like that State is enthusiastic about joining the new Post Racial America. And the legislation they’ve been passing this year has made it very clear that they don’t intend on going down without a fight.

Arizona is simply not having it. First, racial profiling a blow against illegal immigration (strike 1). Then, an eradication of ethnic studies (strike 2). And now the Arizona Board of Education is demanding that school districts remove heavily accented teachers from the classroom (strike 3).


So, you’re telling me that credentialed teachers are being removed from the classroom because of their accents? Where’s the line? Where do you draw the line? Okay, fine, you want to pass some bogus law that allows the police to identify and demand documentation from anyone they suspect is an illegal immigrant. But a person who has come to this country legally, and is attempting to educate the next generation deserves better treatment.

Arizona plans to remove heavily accented teachers from the classrooms and give them a good whitewashing English lessons. But how do you determine who gets targeted for removal? Just because one student may not understand a teacher doesn’t mean that every student doesn’t understand a teacher. Yes, students deserve teachers that they can understand but this is an assault on racial tolerance.

Students also deserve teachers that are qualified and nurture an environment of understanding but I don’t hear about a law that requires school districts to comb through inner city schools and “reassign” teachers with racial biases. An accent will diminish a teacher’s ability to reach his or her students and it is not unreasonable to demand that teachers speak proper English but this initiative comes in the wake of two very suspect laws, so of course it’s going to turn heads.

Some melting pot this place is.