Parents and community members in Pine Bluff, Arkansas are outraged after a school police officer used pepper spray to clear a middle school hallway, injuring nearly 20 students.

School officials are in the process of determining what actions should be taken against the officer.

Some students were left so sick by the spraying that they were eventually picked up by parents. A few were even rushed to the emergency room.

From the Huffington Post:

“‘Not knowing he was going to spray it I walked straight into it,’ Forney told the station. ‘Everybody started hollering and we had people just gagging and throwing up and everything and I’m like what’s going on? You could have at least said something about keep it moving. But spraying mace? He took it too far with that.’

Forney was rushed to the emergency room along with two of her classmates. Meanwhile, 17 other students were picked up by parents after they experienced difficulty breathing, according to the Pine Bluff Commercial.”

There are conflicting reports regarding what prompted the officers actions. Regardless, it’s hard to imagine what would ever make it appropriate for a police officer to use peppery spray on a bunch of middle school students.

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Is it ever appropriate to use peppery spray inside of a school?

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