An Atlanta-based pastor has been found guilty of knowingly exposing two women to the HIV virus.

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis was found guilty on two counts of reckless conduct for failing to inform the women of his status. 

From CBS Atlanta:

[Victim Ronita] McAfee’ attorney released this statement:

“This verdict has proven to be a victory not only for my client, Ms. Ronita McAfee, but also for the countless women and men who are infected with, or affected by the spread of this deadly virus as the direct result of the reckless and careless behavior of individuals, like Mr. Craig Davis. We believe that the Jury’s decision to convict Mr. Davis contradicts the Defense Counsels’ reckless and audacious comments, which attempted to label my client as a “nut case” and as a hateful, egotistical and despiteful liar. These irresponsible comments were nothing more than a failed, desperate and cowardly attempt to slander my client. We are hopeful that this verdict will give others the courage and strength to come forward to bring this individual to justice.”

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Prosecutors said Davis cheated on his wife at the time with two women. He told neither of the women that he was HIV-positive. During his four-day trial Davis took the witness stand and admitted that doctors diagnosed him with the virus in 2005.

He will appear in court for sentencing on Feb. 21. He faces up to 20 years in prison.


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