Tensions seemed to constantly grow this weekend following an explosion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, followed by the location of multiple bombs in both New York and New Jersey.

After a shootout with police, authorities have captured Ahmad Khan Rahami, who they claim is a prime suspect in the bombings. Rahami was also injured and brought out in a stretcher with one arm covered in blood, according to CNN.

The first explosion in Chelsea that injured 26 people on Saturday was the result of a bomb placed in a dumpster that was sent into the air and landed on the sidewalk. A few hours later, a pressure cooker with wires and pipes, similar to the bomb used during the Boston Marathon bombing, was found a few blocks away.  It was taken to a NYPD shooting range in the Bronx to be diffused.

On Sunday, two pedestrians found a backpack in a dumpster in Elizabeth, NJ and called authorities when they saw suspicious wiring. Authorities later found that the backpack was filled with five separate explosives, one of which detonated when a robot tried to diffuse it. Police searched the surrounding areas but found no additional explosives.

Ahmad Khan Rahami was pointed out as a suspect because surveillance footage reportedly shows a man fitting the description of the Elizabeth, NJ native carrying a duffle bag near both dumpsters where the explosives were found.

Two officers were injured during Rahami’s apprehension in Linden, NJ, with one being shot in the vest and the other being shot in the hand.

Any emerging details of the incident will be updated.

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons