Police Shooting-Missouri

Authorities delayed revealing the identity of the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager three days ago in Ferguson, Missouri.

Threats against the officer on social media was cited as reason for the delay. 

From USA Today:

Chief Thomas Jackson had said he would reveal the officer’s name by noon Tuesday. Timothy Zoll, spokesperson for the Ferguson Police Department, said due to the threats there is now no timetable for release the officer’s name.

Witnesses say Michael Brown, 18, had raised his hands to surrender when the shots were fired. Police have not confirmed that information.

Monday night, officers in riot gear lobbed tear gas at crowds angered by the weekend shooting. KSDK-TV in St. Louis reported that police officers trying to quell unrest and violence began firing tear gas at crowds here. There were five arrests but no reports of looting.

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Chief Jackson said members of the crowd hurled rocks at police and gunfire came from the crowd, so officers used tear gas and shot “beanbag rounds” meant to stun the,.

Jackson said police also blocked off the area where most of the looting and vandalism occurred the previous night out of concern that cars passing by might hit demonstrators in the street.

32 people and 2 officers were arrested on Sunday evening during riots that broke out. On Monday, the FBI opened an investigation into the death of Brown, who police say was shot multiple times Saturday after being confronted by the officer in Ferguson.

The officer, whose race has not been disclosed, is on administrative leave.  A protest in front of St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch’s office is scheduled for Tuesday.

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