While interviewing Pharrell Williams, Jenna Bush Hager spoke with the actor, producer, and singer about his involvement in a film called “Hidden Fences.” The main problem here, which millions of viewers quickly noted, was that no such movie exists. 

“Hidden Figures” is a film about three Black women working for NASA to send a man into space starring Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer. “Fences” is an August Wilson play that was recently turned into a film starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis.

“Hidden Fences”? We have no idea what that would even be about. But that didn’t stop people from having fun with the idea on Twitter by either pitching ideas or combining famous black movie titles.





Unfortunately, Hager’s slip-up wasn’t the last time the mistake would be made on national television. While listing the nominees for best supporting actress in a motion picture – which Viola Davis on for “Fences” – Michael Keaton made the same mistake. He later acknowledged the mistake and apologized – sort of.

Fortunately, the night was full of Black excellence as multiple stars went home with shiny new trophies.

Earlier this morning, Hager took the time out of a Golden Globe recap on Today to apologize for her mistake and praise both films.

Hopefully the “Hidden Fences” joke doesn’t take off so much that the general public starts to make the mistake on their own. You know, like how you mock someone for something so much that you end up doing it yourself? Let’s not make this a thing.