For the first time in a while a story about black people and police worth celebrating broke. The only catch is it’s about a movie. TMZ reports that Bad Boys 3, the next installment in the cop series starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is pretty much a done deal.

Sources told the publication that Will Smith and Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the first two films, recently met to go over the contract and start working on a script. They reportedly met twice, over a four-hour dinner on Tuesday and a long lunch on Wednesday.

Bruckheimer is playing coy for now in the very early stages of planning and responded with a brief, “We’ll see” when asked if both Smith and Martin will be returning for the sequel.

It may be the optimist in me speaking here, but in a time where relations between black folks and police officers are very tenuous, this could be a good thing. Seeing two black actors playing police officers in a franchise that’s proven to be well-received is kind of a no-brainer and even offers a potential platform to lightly touch on some bigger issues.

Photo Credit: Twitter