Last week, more than 100 Baltimore City school students walked out of classes to protest standardized tests. According to CBS, students have grown frustrated with the PARCC tests that they’re required to take.

The students had previously met with school officials to protest the test, which they feel doesn’t cover anything that they’re taught and is unfair. 

“It’s our education. We want to fight for it,” said student Rayshon Moore.

According to CBS, the students want to be a part of the discussion when school officials discuss conducting standardized testing.

“If we aren’t learning the right things in the classroom or learning them in a culturally relative way, then you don’t have the right to test us on anything,” said Katie Arevalo, who’s with the Algebra Project, the student group that led the walk outs.

In a statement to WJZ, Baltimore City Schools CEO Dr. Gregory Thorton says “City school leaders are committed to maintaining a good working relationship with the organizers in order to engage in ongoing productive discussions.”

The students reportedly also walked out to mark the anniversary of Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody. Because they walked out of school, some of the students may face consequences after breaking rules in their schools’ code of conduct.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter