Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones says a fan threw a banana at him during a recent game against the San Francisco Giants.

Jones spoke out via Twitter and later to reporters; he expressed dismay at the ignorance, but vowed to keep his head up and brush off the hatred.

From the Grio:

“It’s unfortunate that things happen like that, but it ain’t going stop me, myself and the Orioles,” he told reporters before Monday night’s game against Arizona. “We have games to win. It’s mid-August. I’ve got a bigger concern in my head than someone’s ignorance or act of whatever. You know what I mean?”

Jones, who is black, homered in the top of the ninth and had four RBIs in the Orioles’ 10-2 win over the Giants on Sunday. He didn’t say anything about the incident after the game, but posted a tweet with an expletive that a fan had thrown a banana onto the field during the ninth inning.

The fan who threw the banana says his actions were not racially motivated.

The Giants have issued an apology to Jones and his teammates.

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