It’s not the BET Awards if something horrible didn’t pop off, right?

Well, blogger B. Scott, who hosted the BET Awards red carpet last night, confirmed that the network forced him to change his shoes:


[A]ccording to Scott, BET refused to allow him to wear heels on camera. Scott, who was initially excited for his first BET Awards hosting gig, was noticeably down when he appeared on camera for the pre-show. Afterwards, Scott took to Twitter to reveal that his sullen attitude was caused by BET forcing him to change his outfit.


“Only God knows what I went through today and it’s going to stay that way,” tweeted Scott.


“let me just say this…” he added, along with an emotional Instagram video


Scott later confirmed the rumors to fellow blogger Miss Jia and explained that he was hurt that BET made him tone down his androgynous look.


“I wasn’t going to say anything but my spirit is truly hurt,” tweeted Scott, adding, “I’m sorry if I let anybody down today, I tried my best and it wasn’t enough.”

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What gives, BET? Why would they hire B. Scott and then have an issue with his dress?

Did you watch the pre-show?

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