Last week, we posted a link to a study that claims that many black people feel less free to express their political opinions since the election of President Obama.

That study centered mostly on black conservatives. Now, there is an ad running on BET from, perhaps, the demographic of people the study concerned.

An anti-Obama ad, currently running on BET in Cleveland, OH, and Seattle, WA presumably expresses some black people’s qualms with the POTUS.


The 30-second ad is black and white, which would make it stand out even if the content was drab. But it isn’t drab. Two young black people, a man and a woman, decry Barack Obama’s record on their issues.

“What has he done as president?” asks the female member of the pair.

“Cut aid to black colleges,” says the male. “Cut aid to black businesses.”

“And his support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith.”

Read more at Slate.

The ad is funded by Pivot Point, a PAC run by Dave Shemwell (who is white).

Shemwell has been working with Wayne Perryman, a black pastor in Washington. Shemwell credits Perryman for the content of the ad.

Will this ad prove effective in the battleground state of Ohio?

What do you think of the claims in the ad?

Do you think the ad is an attempt to use black people as pawns for a conservative agenda?

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