Attorney Monique Pressley has announced that she will no longer represent Bill Cosby as a client.

Pressley began defending Cosby from multiple accusations of sexual assaults last summer and has been in the position for just over a year. However, the New York Times reports that she has been replaced by another lawyer, Angela Agrusa. 

While no one has commented on nay of the possible reasons that Pressley has left the position, Cosby’s spokesman said that it’s not uncommon in a case of this length and nature.

“We get hundreds of calls from lawyers who want to be involved in this case,” he said.

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This change in Cosby’s legal team comes amid a series of failed attempts to stop a criminal case against him in Pennsylvania where he was accused of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. He’s also involved in a civil suit in California.

For many, Pressley has become the face of Cosby’s defense and her leaving his legal team could affect the public’s perception of his innocence or guilt in the multiple heinuos acts he’s been accused of.

Photo Cortesy: YouTube