Bill Cosby’s legal issues are very far from being over. For starters, the comedian will face trial in California in June 2018 for sexually assaulting a teenager 40 years ago. Secondly, it was just announced that he will face retrial for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand in November. 

NBC reports that Cosby will return to trial on Nov. 6, five months after his first trial ended with a hung jury because jurors couldn’t agree to convict him sexual assault.

“Whether the verdict is guilty or not guilty, you need that final nail in the coffin,” said one of the jurors about the possibility of a second trial.

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His attorney offered no comment on the new trial date being set. It is possible that his legal team will fight for a new judge and a new location for the trial as they suspect residents in Montgomery County have been overly exposed to the details of the case and have become biased. There is also the chance that Cosby takes the stand in the new trial, which he famously chose not to in the first.

Cosby also has 10 other lawsuits against him in connection to the string of sexual assault accusations from more than 60 women. Three are from women who claim he assaulted them and the rest are tied to defamation.