The city of Birmingham settled a police beating lawsuit for $460,000, but only gave the plaintiff, who is still behind bars, $1,000.

Under the settlement’s terms approved by the City Council and Mayor, Anthony Warren will receive such a small amount because his attorneys will get $359,000 in fees and $100,000 in expenses. 

From AL:

The city and Warren’s representatives reached an agreement in late September, but details of the settlement weren’t approved until Tuesday.

In his lawsuit, Warren claimed five Birmingham police officers used excessive force when they hit and kicked him at the end of a high speed chase in 2008. A video of the chase and its aftermath was widely publicized and garnered national attention.

The 20 to 25-minute car multi-city chase began when Warren attempted to flee from a narcotics officer. He then hit a school bus, a patrol car, and struck a Hoover police officer who attempted to lay tire puncture strips across U.S. 31.

Warren was finally arrested when his vehicle flipped over. The police dashboard camera video shows officers striking Warren for less than 10 seconds as he lay on the ground.

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Warren’s attorneys claimed he was unconscious, but did not prove at the trial that the officers knew if he was unconscious or his condition.

The officers were previously acquitted of criminal charges in the case. Warren sued under federal civil rights laws. He also asserted state claims for assault and battery against the five police officers.

Warren is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence connected to an attempted murder charge for the injury of the officer that he hit.

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