There’s a new app on the market, and it’s meant to keep police conduct honest and protect civilians.

“Cop Watch” was created by Darren Baptiste, 46, a professional app developer based in Canada. 

From The Star:

“Sadly, it’s been years and years of seeing violence in (the black) community,” he said. “Only the fatal ones get serious media attention, but there are dozens and dozens of incidents that happen that get no attention at all — but they are just as traumatic to the people involved.” […]

Although the aims are the same as Cop Watch Toronto, the operation is not. What Cop Watch does is begin shooting automatically once it’s opened, and as soon as recording is stopped, instantly uploads to YouTube. At the same time, an email is sent to the community-based Network for the Elimination of Police Violence , with the videographer’s location and an URL for the video.

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The app isn’t a new concept. In the U.S. last year, similar apps such as “Stop & Frisk Watch” for New York residents were released.

Baptiste designed the app to feature the ancient Egyptiona “Eye of Horus,” a symbol of protect against evil.

The app works to both catch cops in illegal acts and help solve crimes.

What do you think of apps like “Cop Watch?”

What do they reveal about our relationship with the police?

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