As calls for a boycott of the state of Florida mount in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, some are wondering if such a boycott would do more harm than good.

With Black people making up 16.6 percent of the population of Florida, members of our own community will likely be impacted negatively.

Madame Noire points to the Jazz in the Garden Festival in Miami Gardens – Trayvon Martin’s hometown – as an example.

The annual  Jazz in the Gardens festival  in the city of Miami Gardens during the month of March hosts some of the most top-name celebrities. According to Circle of One Marketing CEO Suzan McDowell, who has been involved in the creation of the annual Jazz in the Gardens festival since its inception in 2006, the threat of boycotting an event like Jazz in the Gardens does more harm than good for the Miami Gardens community.

“Trayvon Martin is from the city of Miami Gardens and the city of Miami Gardens produces and owns Jazz in the Gardens, which is the same city that Trayvon was born and raised in,” McDowell told TheGrio, “To me it would seem a little ridiculous for people to punish the city that Trayvon was born in in order to support Trayvon.”

Miami Gardens has a large African-American population, reaching more than 70 percent of the residents. In fact, it is the largest black city in the state of Florida.

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