An award-winning crossing guard in London’s job may be in jeopardy after being sent home for comments made towards a black man.

Jon Seymour, who is black, has been working at Carlton Primary School in Kentish Town, north London for 20 years. He is under fire for likening a black member of the Camden Council’s staff to King Kong.

From The Express:

“I wanted to say something to him because he was being rude to me. I said, ‘You are angry like King Kong.’ It wasn’t racist,” he explained. “How can a black man be racist to another black man? It doesn’t make sense.”

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Seymour has had little incident during his tenure as crossing guard at the school. In 2004, he picked up the council award for his work protecting the children.

He currently remains suspended with full pay as he awaits a decision from the council about his future with the school.

Thoughts on Seymour’s comments?

Is he correct in his assertion that people cannot practice racism against members of the same race?

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