Tickets for Marvel’s next blockbuster feature film, Black Panther, went on sale on Monday and it did not take long for it to shatter advance ticket sales records. According to a press release by Fandango, a user survey issued by the website shows that Black Panther is Marvel’s second most anticipated movie, only trailing Avengers: Infinity War. Additionally, Chadwick Boseman was the most anticipated standalone comic book movie hero according to the same user survey. Captain America: Civil War (also featuring T’Challa) had previously held the record since 2016.

According to data from Twitter, Black Panther is also the ninth most tweeted about film of the last year, and the only movie of the top nine that had yet to be released. This signals an immense anticipation for Black Panther from moviegoers, and even though estimates say the movie will only make about 85 million opening weekend, I would not be surprised to see Black Panther and Wakanda generate upwards of 100 million. I wouldn’t doubt that it could even become the highest grossing comic book movie ever released because I’m sure every Black person in America will be seeing the movie three, possibly multiple times.

Black Panther is still lit. Check out it’s latest trailer below!