The Northern California Council of Black Professional Engineers recently gave  black students the opportunity to talk with black scientist and engineers.

The project, sponsored by University of California Davis, hopes to inspire black students to explore career fields that black communities have often not had access to.

Students in grades 6-12l had the opportunity to explore their own career interests, be exposed to  a college campus as early as age 12, and met with black scientists and engineers who will seek to inspire the students to enter those fields:


Organizer Nathaniel Hunter, a former Engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, says it’s been difficult getting local schools to respond to their offer to have students participate, but that the group remains dedicated to exposing Black youth to these fields.

The group expects participation from Sacramento’s School of Engineering and the Sciences and the Roberts Family Development Center. Others are also welcome.



A great initiative!

We’d love to see a program like this in other cities.

What are some other ways to expose and interest our youth in math and science?

Sound off below!