Over the holidays I was introduced to the youtube video and spin off series that is Shi Things Girls Say that has been viral for a whileI have to admit I found some of them hilarious like Things Black Girls Say and Things White Girls Say to Black Girls was satirically on point. However, once I got toThings Natural Girls Say I’d had my fill of the online craze. In addition to watching these videos, ABG (yes, I’m a fan), and Love & Hip Hop I couldn’t help but succumb to my over analytical side. Am I doing some sort of disservice or misrepresentation by posting and sharing comedy pertaining to my race that I find entertaining? As post racial as we want to say we are as a county it would be weird if I saw my non-black peers commenting on some of my guilty pleasures.

Much to the chagrin of even most of my black friends, I am in love with Love & Hip Hop. Something about that woman Chrissy just keeps me rooting for her ability to hold down the family every week. Now it’s clear that I wouldn’t discuss the videos in a classroom or workplace context but in my private settings I get excited when I find a fellow Love & Hip Hopper or ABG fan. However, I’ve never had a conversation with someone who didn’t understand the subtle truth heaped on top with ludicrous drama and humor that makes these skits what they are. When I see Chrissy fighting another woman I don’t file it into my catalog as evidence for aggressiveness in Black women nor do I appropriate “ghetto” to all Black girls after watching a three minute video. The problem is some people will and already do. Furthermore, the jokes we laugh at are to support the exact arguments I would find ridiculous to the point of humor.

As old a question as it may be, being Black in America may very well demand an answer at every turn, is it harmful to make Black jokes in mixed company?