Boko Haram, the terrorist cell in Nigeria responsible for kidnapping over 200 girls early last year, may be using the girls to carry out bomb attacks.

According to NBC, the attacks carried out by three girls over last weekend show that Boko Haram are using kidnapped girls as bombers.

“It is highly likely that Boko Haram is conscripting young girls to use as suicide bombers,”  said Elizabeth Donnelly, the assistant head of the Africa program at Chatham House.  The conscripts she said are nothing more than “slaves fed by countless abductions since the crisis started.”

It is impossible to gather a correct figure of the girls and women kidnapped by Boko Haram. The kidnapping in Chibok last year involved 276 young women. Boko Haram has carried out kidnappings before and after the raid in Chibok.

Secretary of State, John Kerry spoke on the latest attack by Boko Haram that possibly killed up 2,000 people in Baga. “It’s an enormously horrendous slaughter of innocent people. Boko Haram continue to present a serious threat not just to Nigeria and the region but to all of our values,” Kerry said.

“I think it’s because these girls just do not matter to them. They are disposable bodies … How do you fight this? It is hard to identify someone as a Boko Haram fighter when they are using children,” Donnelly told NBC.

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Photo: Wikipedia