Militants believed to be part of the Boko Haram terror group again attacked the remote Nigerian town from which nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped. 

12 members of Nigeria’s military died as a result of the attack.

From Associated Press:

Soldiers said the troops fired at a senior officer who came to pay respects to the killed soldiers, whose bodies were brought to a barracks in Maiduguri, the capital of northeastern Borno state.

It’s another sign of demoralization in the military that is in charge of the search for the abducted schoolgirls. The failure of Nigeria’s government and military to find them after the April 15 mass abduction has triggered national and international outrage and forced Nigeria’s government to accept international help last week.

Nigeria’s Ministry of Defense played down Wednesday’s shooting incident, saying soldiers “registered their anger about the incident by firing into the air. The situation has since been brought under control, as there is calm in the cantonment” in Maiduguri, about 130 kilometers north of Chibok, where the girls were abducted.

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On Tuesday, villagers ambushed two trucks with gunmen, residents and a security official after learning about an impending attack. At least 10 suspected militants were detained, and several were killed.

At least 276 of the school girls are still held captive, with the group’s leader threatening to sell them into slavery. In a video released Monday, he offered to release the girls in exchange for jailed Boko Haram members.

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