Usually black dads aren’t the first to be associated with the father of the year award.

But we know that for every negative image of an African American father that we see, there’s a black man out there who deserves to be celebrated.

One book is doing just that.

From Bet on Black Dads:

Inspired by President Barack Obama’s commitment to encouraging and supporting responsible fathers—he created the President’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative to do just that—”Bet on Black: African-American Women Celebrate Fatherhood in the Age of Barack Obama” aims to wrestle back the much-maligned image of the Black dad and expose it as something that, while not perfect, is a human, loving presence in the lives of his children. In turns insightful, clever and laugh-out-loud funny, 20 Black women writers share deeply personal stories that prove the stereotypes wrong.



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The book is edited by Rankin Naasel. “My hope is that this book will not only change the conversation that surrounds our men to a positive one, but inspire men who are perhaps falling short to be better,” Naasel told Colorlines. “You can only hear that you’re a dog but so many times before you start barking.”


“Bet on Black” is her third book.


It is up to us to reclaim our image. 


Kudos to Rankin Naasel for creating positive images of black fathers!


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What are some ways to combat negative stereotypes of black fathers?

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